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Welcome to our somewhat incomplete listing of information about BMW Car Models over the years. This may not be the most definitive page of BMW stuff on the internet, but we do intend on providing a few informative bits to answer BMW related questions you may have.
BMW model Naming and Nomenclature [about 'E' codes and bits]
Since the late sixties BMW started assigning what is known as an 'E' code to their car models. The 'E' designation of a model stands for 'Entwiklung' or "Evolution'. Each new 'E' code represents a new model.
Since the early seventies, BMW also started separating their cars by series. A series designation represents the cars size and type of use. Good examples are the popular 3 series cars.
The model designation on the tail of the car tells you the series and something about the engine. The three digit model designation common on most models tells you the model series and the the engine displacement. Thus a '325' is a three series with a 2.5 liter motor. (some exceptions apply due to as best we can tell marketing reasons)
In addition to the numbers in a cars model badge, the letters tell about body style or model specific info. The letters such as 'i' or 'is' or 'ix' in model badges indicate additional specific info about the model. We have more info on this here.
For a list of Model Codes we have compiled click here
The model and series info as we use if for Concours Judged Vehicles Trophy Categories
Heritage Classes older small cars such as '02's and E21's  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
older large cars E3, E9, E12, E23, E28  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
///M Car Classes for the first edition M Cars M1, E30 M3, E28 M5, E24 M6  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
for 'true' newer M cars from all model ranges*  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
3 Series gen 2 and 3 E30 and E36 3 series cars  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
3 Series gen 4 and 5 E46 and E90 E83 X3 3 series cars  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
6 and 8 series coupes big beautiful coupes E24, E31  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
5, 7 and X series large sedans E34, E39, E60/61 5 series E32, E38, E65/66 7 Series E53 X5, etc.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Cabrio & Roadster Classes Cabrios [convertibles] E30, E36, E46  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Roadsters Z3, Z4, Z8  1st, 2nd and 3rd place
* a true M car is defined as one have a Motorsport VIN
 top BMW Models Overview past and present  this is not a definitive list, and may need updating
 Type  Model  Years comments
 Vintage pre modern era cars


 pre war pre war roadsters


1956-1959 the classic roadster


1958-1960 mini car


1966-1977 the 'Neu Klasse' starts


1968-1975 large sedans 2500, 2800 Bavaria


1965-1975 classic coupes
 3 Series sedans, coupes, cabrios and touring wagons


1973-1983 1st generation 3 series


1983-1991/2 2nd generation 3 series


1991-1998 3rd generation 3 series
  E46 1999-2003 4th generation 3 series
E90 2004-> 5th generation 3 series
X3 E83 2004+> 3 series sized SUV
 5 Series large sedans and touring wagons
  E12 1972-1981 1st generation 5 series
  E28 1982-1988 2nd generation 5 series
  E34 1988-1996 3rd generation 6 series
  E39 1997-2000 4th generation 5 series
  E60/61 2000-> 5th generation 5 series
 6 Series touring coupes
  E24 1977-1989 classic coupes
E63/E64 2003-> 2nd gnereation 6 coupe and cab
 7 Series large luxury sedans
  E23 1978-1987 1st generation 7 series
  E32 1988-1994 2nd generation 7 series
  E38 1995-2001 3rd generation 7 series
  E65/66 2002- 4th generation 7 series
 8 Series touring coupes
  E31 1989-1999 elegant touring coupe
 ///M Cars performance enhanced from the factory
  ///M3 1988-present 3 series based M cars
  ///M5 1988-present 5 series based M cars
  ///M6 1987-1988 E24 6 series based M cars
///M6 2004-> E63 based 6 series M Cars
  ///M Roadster 1997-2001 Z3 [E36]series based M cars
///M Roadster 2004-> Z4 [E85] based M cars
  ///M Coupe 1998-2001 Z3 [E36] series based M cars
 Z Roadsters
  Z1 roadster 1988-1991 based on E30 chassis
  Z3 roadster 1996-2001 based on E36 chassis
Z4 roadster 2002-> E85 based roadster
  Z8 roadster 2000-present E52 in a class of its own
 X - SAV 4 wheel drive sports activity vehicle
  X5 SUV 2000-present E53 BMWs version of the SUV
Engine Codes and information This information is still a work in progress.
Currently we list a slection of engine codes and some basic info we have been able to gather about them.
The table lists the engine code, the displacment in liters, the combined motor code, and then some info on valves and engine managment . If you know more codes, or have additional info on what we have listed, please let us know.
Motor Code Hubraum Motor VDS Code Engine Overview

displacement litres

M10 1.8 M10/B18 M10 - 1.8L SOHC-8v/L4 - L-Jetronic
M102 3.2 M102/B32 M102 - 3.2L SOHC-12v/L6 Turbo -
M102 3.5 M102/B35 M102 - 3.5L SOHC-12v/L6 Turbo -
M12/6 2.0 M12/6/B20 M12/6 - 2.0L DOHC-16v/L4 -
M12/7 2.0 M12/7/B20 M12/7 - 2.0L DOHC-16v/L4 -
M12/9 2.0 M12/9/B20 M12/9 - 2.0L DOHC-16v/L4 Turbo -
M13 1.5 M13/B15 M13 - 1.5L DOHC-16v/L4 Turbo -
M20 2.5 M20/B25 M20 - 2.5L SOHC-12v/L6 + eta - M1.1
M20 2.7 M20/B27 M20 - 2.7L SOHC-12v/L6 + eta - M1.1
M21 2.4 M21/B24 M21 - 2.4L SOHC-12v/L6 Diesel -
M30 3.0 M30/B30 M30 - 3.0L SOHC-12v/L6 -
M30 3.2 M30/B32 M30 - 3.3L SOHC-12v/L6 - Basic
M30 3.4 M30/B34 M30 - 3.4L SOHC-12v/L6 - Adaptive
M30 3.5 M30/B35 M30 - 3.5L SOHC-12v/L6 - M1.1
M40 1.6 M40/B16 M40 - 1.6L SOHC-8v/L4 -
M40 1.8 M40/B18 M40 - 1.8L SOHC-8v/L4 -
M42 1.8 M42/B18 M42 - 1.8L DOHC-16v/L4 - M1.7
M42 1.9 M42/B19 M42 - 1.9L DOHC-16v/L4+ Al block/VANOS -
M43 1.8 M43/B18 M43 - 1.8L SOHC-8v/L4 -
M44 1.9 M44/B19 M42 - 1.9L DOHC-16v/L4+ Al block/VANOS -
M50 2.0 M50/B20 M50 - 2.0L DOHC-24v/L6 -
M50 2.5 M50/B25 M50 - 2.5L DOHC-24v/L6 - M3.1
M50TU 2.0 M50TU/B20 M50TU - 2.0L DOHC-24v/L6 w/VANOS -
M50TU 2.5 M50TU/B25 M50TU - 2.5L DOHC-24v/L6 w/VANOS - M3.3.1
M52 2.0 M52/B20 M52 - 2.0L DOHC-24v/L6 w/VANOS -
M52 2.3 M52/B23 M52 - 2.3L DOHC-24v/L6 w/VANOS -
M52 2.8 M52/B28 M52 - 2.8L DOHC-24v/L6 w/VANOS -
M60 (old) 2.0 M60- /B20 M60 (old) - 2.0L SOHC-12v/L6 -
M60 (old) 2.3 M60- /B23 M60 (old) - 2.3L SOHC-12v/L6 -
M60 3.0 M60/B30 M60 - 3.0L DOHC-25v/L6 - M3.3
M60 4.0 M60/B40 M60 - 4.0L DOHC-32v/V8 - M3.3
M70 5.0 M70/B50 M70 - 5.0L SOHC-24v/V12 - M1.7
M70 5.4 M70/B54 M70 - 5.4L SOHC-24v/V12 -
M70 5.6 M70/B56 M70 - 5.6L SOHC-24v/V12 -
M73 5.4 M73/V54 M73 - 5.4L SOHC-24v/V12
M80 ??? M80//B ??? M80 - ???L ???/V6 -
M88/1 3.5 M88/1/B35 M88/1 - 3.5L DOHC-24v/L6 -
M88/2 3.5 M88/2/B35 M88/2 - 3.5L DOHC-24v/L6 -
M88/3 3.5 M88/3/B35 M88/3 - 3.5L DOHC-24v/L6 -
M88 3.5 M88/B35 M88 - 3.5L DOHC-24v/L6 -
S14 2.3 S14/B23 S14 - 2.3L DOHC-16v/L4 - Motorsport
S14 2.5 S14/B25 S14 - 2.5L DOHC-16v/L4 -
S38 3.5 S38/B35 S38 - 3.5L DOHC-24v/L6 - Motorsport
S38 3.6 S38/B36 S38 - 3.6L DOHC-24v/L6 - M1.2
S38 3.8 S38/B38 S38 - 3.8L DOHC-24v/L6 -
S50 3.0 S50/B30 S50 - 3.0L DOHC-24v/L6 -
S50 3.2 S50/B32 S50 - 3.3L DOHC-24v/L6 -
S50US 3.0 S50US/B30 S50US - 3.0L DOHC-24v/L6 - M3.3.1
S52 3.2 S52/B32
M62 4.4 S62/B44
S70/2 6.1 S70/2/B61 S70/2 - 6.1L DOHC-48v/V12 -
S70 5.6 S70/B56 S70/2 - 5.6L DOHC-48v/V12 -

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